Utilising image recognition to automate the insurance industry

We helped so-sure to incorporate a deep learning image recognition system into their customer facing app to automatically underwrite mobile phone insurance in just 2 seconds.

The problem

With the number of mobile phones now outweighing the global population, the insurance industry is adapting to meet demand. 

so-sure allows customers to insure their personal devices against accidental damage using their app. As part of the application process, a photo of the device is uploaded onto the app for essential manual inspection to ensure people aren’t fraudulently taking out policies to claim for pre-existing damage. ngenius.ai was tasked with automating the underwriting of mobile phone insurance at so-sure to reduce the average wait time of one week for the manual inspection process to occur.

The solution

To address the problem, ngenius.ai built a state-of-the-art machine learning model to analyse the images uploaded to the app. The ngenius.ai team used deep neural networks to detect and classify the device in the image. The system identified any pre-existing damage and assessed the quality of the user image upon upload, prompting users to retake the image where necessary. Over 17,000 images were used to train the system, which delivered comparable accuracy to a human. 

The scalable system was deployed directly into the customer facing app. The app now provides the customers with real-time feedback on their images, reducing image inspection time from 1 week to just 2 seconds.

we reduced image inspection time from 1 week to just 2 seconds

The impact

  • Accuracy

    The ngenius.ai image recognition system achieved accuracy comparable to a human

  • Automation and efficiency

    By replacing a manual check with ngenius.ai's image recognition system, inspection times reduced from one week to just two seconds

  • Customer Satisfaction

    By implementing the system into the app, customers are provided with real-time feedback, improving their experience

"Working with ngenius.ai has allowed us to transform the way that we can underwrite customers. Harnessing their AI capability has enabled us to deliver a fantastic digital experience in a way that will scale as our business grows"

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